The Dublin Theatre Company

The Founder
Image by Rob Laughter

In 1995 Liam was introduced to show business by his friend Don Rickles while filming casino. Don encouraged him to do stand up after hearing him entertain the cast during breaks. Liam instantly became famous for telling his Irish stories he had heard as a child in Callaway Bay.

After Liam retired from 50 years of faithful service in law enforcement in 2008 he returned to his beloved Galway.

It was through the encouragement of his family that he joined the Irish Theatre. It was there that he sharpened his craft and drew the attention of the Berlin Circus. While sharing a conversation with the circus cast, thanks to the encouragement of his friend Jameson, he accepted the role of Circus Clown for the remainder of the tour. The kindness of the Circus Staff will be forever a part of Liam.

In 2016 Liam returned to America and since then he has been a part of numerous Arts Counsils  and has refurbished 3 Theatres to their original beauty. Liam has brought his love for the theatre to the Henderson Community to be shared and experienced. He and his loving wife, Marie look forward to helping create a new artistic culture within our community.

Liam Tripp

Managing Director